These are specifically functional for converting a high voltage of main circuit to a lower voltage. This facilitates the sourcing of power to the control equipment that need more voltage regulation on starting as well as is not fit to be joined with the main circuit. These are idyllic for functioning in conjunction with industrial starter circuits.

These are applied in stepping down the high voltage chiefly for the devices & equipment such as Inverters, Medical Equipment, Rectifier transformer, Control Panel, solenoids, DC braking as well as Drive systems and are specifically functional in Hospitals, Commercial places as well as Industries etc. We manufacture our Control Transformer with the best quality components and elements maintaining the standards set by the industry. We also, quality examine their safety and performance to ensure their reliability and faultlessness.We are the top Control Transformers Supplier and supply Single phase control transformers as well as Three phase control transformers. We offer them at the best market prices.

Control Transformer

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